Full size & Mini Bulldogge
For those of you who have fallen in love with the Olde English Style Bulldogge, but would like a more scaled down version, we here at Hammerhead Kennels have been working on just that!
The Toy Bulldogs of the 1800’s look like the miniature version of today’s Olde English Style Bulldogges (the recreation of the healthier, historical English Bulldog). Because of that resemblance and their smaller size (making them more suitable for apartment living) we have decided to recreate this miniature sized bulldog of olde and call them Bonsai Bulldogges.
Bonsai Bulldogges are full of fire and can keep up to their larger counterparts in most activities.
Grooming needs are minimal and a good brisk walk is all that is needed to keep these guys in shape, though they do enjoy a hearty romp whenever they can get it!
They are very agile and energetic, great with children and have an amazing clown-like nature that is sure to entertain. With the same health considerations kept in mind and all the looks and charm of the full sized dog, these apartment-sized bullies are sure to be real crowd pleasers wherever they go! The Bosai Bulldogge makes a wonderful family pet.